16 10, 2017

Train Travel in the US & Canada

Before the year goes out you might be thinking about traveling but have you thought about a train trip? Riding the rails has proven to be one of the most memorable and truly spectacular travel journeys in the world. Train travel just gets better and better, and in this piece, we'll be talking about train travel in the US & Canada. Charming us with tradition and history while giving us a smack of adventure and romance, the train has always been a great way to travel - all you have to do is sit back and chug along, through the countryside without the worry of traffic, weather or what not. So get on board let's take a ride through the US & Canadian routes, whether you're going as a family, couple or it's just you by yourself, these train trips are not just comfortable, but they also offer you the opportunity to appreciate [...]

27 09, 2017

Beginners Travel and European Adventure

Beginners Travel and European Adventure Whether you are a seasoned traveler or looking to have a white-knuckle adventure for the first time, we all want to get more out of life and expand our horizons through visiting other cultures. The fact is Europe has a wealth of activities that'll not just get your adrenaline pumping but will also exercise your sense of adventure. Europe is known for its exciting and exhilarating adventures with vast amounts of forests, mountains, rivers, and sights to behold, so much that one can easily get off the beaten track. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is important that you learn how to travel safely through your adventure holidays in Europe. In case you decide to stay in a small, family hotel and guesthouse or more glamorous chateaux to get a feel of luxury, make sure to choose what you'll be comfortable with. Europe also offers [...]