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Camping/Festival Gear

Your next camping or music festival adventure will not be complete unless you include the new camping furniture from Travel Chair.   For over 3 decades Travel Chair’s mission has been to design ways for you to be comfortable outside via portable outdoor furniture.  Travel Chair makes the unique Joey Chair and the incredibly compact yet strong three legged Slacker Chair.  Both of these chairs fold into a compact carrying case making it easy, portable and very efficient for your outdoor needs. And they are very comfortable chairs.

What’s the most important item to have when outdoors for extended periods of time?  Clean Drinkable Water.  CoolTravelStuff has the leading water filtration device:  LifeStraw.  Time magazine named LifeStraw the “Best Invention of 2005”.  LifeStraw is durable and effective. It has no moving parts and is ready to use out of the packaging.  Small, compact and lightweight, it only weighs 56 grams.  The patented filter removes bacteria, such E. Coli and Cholera, by 99.9999 percent, and parasites, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, by 99.9 percent, that frequently contaminate untreated water, and it removes particulate matter.  Fits nicely in your backpack for ease of use and has an outstanding filtering capacity of 264 gallons.  What’s new?  The LifeStraw Go Bottle, check it out.  So, if you are hiking, traveling to a third world country, building your emergency preparedness kit, putting together a survival kit for your car, plane, boat, RV or ATV or as a backup water supply for your next hunting trip, LifeStraw is for you.

When on outdoor adventures and you want to record your experiences you need to keep your gear charged and ready to go.  CoolTravelStuff has just what you need to stay connected and recording.

Skross is one of the leading international companies offering Travel Adapters, USB Chargers, Cables and Batteries.  The Skross Reload 5 (5,000 mah) and the Reload 12 (12,000 mah) with dual USB ports are  lightweight and compact battery chargers to keep your electronic devices up and running.  The Reload 5 is the same size as your iPhone 6.

Check out the new P-Mate.  The P-Mate was design by a woman for women on the go that want to have the ability to stand with the guys when nature calls.  No need to undress, easy to use shorts, pants and skirts. Disposable and recyclable.  And of course it’s compact and lightweight.

If you’re fair skinned or just sensitive to the sun’s rays, we have the one size fits all Booney Flopping hat. Rated at 100 SPF / UPF 50+ the Booney assures protection.

The one thing missing when camping or getting into your favorite group at the music festival is the ability to take a shower.  We have solved that problem with GoodWipes.  Extra Large and Durable Wipes(9.5″ x 11.5″), “It’s pretty much a shower in a wipe”. Goodwipes Deodorizing Body Wipes will keep your whole body refreshed and clean no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Use them after a workout, after a long flight, camping, golfing, and everywhere else you can’t properly bathe, cleanse, or shower.  And don’t forget the wipes for “down under”.   The down unders are great to use before, after, or in place of toilet paper while: Traveling. Camping. Working. Golfing. Concerts . Tailgating. Weddings. Bars. Restaurants. Port a potties. Abroad. College Campuses. Spas. Massages. Pre Intimacy. Post Intimacy.  Don’t have fun without them.

Voted the Top Ten items to have when attending music festivals, EARPEACE is the state of the art High Fidelity Hearing Protection to have.  Clear sound, discreet, comfortable and reusable, EarPeace is used by top musicians, roadies and music engineers all over the world.  Also excellent for loud commercial planes, cars, trucks, ATV’s, skeet/trap shooting, work related noises, mowing the yard: anywhere there are loud noises. Protect your hearing, you’ll be glad you did.

If you’re a camper and like your coffee to stay hot or your beverage to stay cold, you need the Smokey Mountain Growler Tumbler.  Choose from the 20 ounce or 30 ounce tumbler, they keep your liquids hot or cold as long as physicists will allow.  We also have the Smokey Mountain Growlers in the 18, 32, 40 and 64 ounce containers.  Perfect for long haul commercial drivers, fishing enthusiasts, football tailgating, hunting expeditions or any outdoor activity that requires keeping your beverages hot or cold.