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About the Polar Fresh Frosty Towel

Frosty Towel ™ is an all natural cooling product that uses a 100% premium cotton towel or all natural non-woven material formulated with pure plant essentials oils and extracts to cool you down, refresh you, and invigorate you in moments. It keeps on working for you for hours to beat the heat and humidity.

The Frosty Towel ™ uses natural alcohols and menthols to cool you down. Alcohol is also known and respected for having anti-bacterial benefits.
Our main Frosty Towel ™ formula was also designed with Citronella and Lemon Grass. Both of these pure essential plant oils are recognized around the world as natural insect repellants for insects like mosquitoes.
The Polar Fresh Frosty Towel ™ also has natural Glycerin and other essential oils in it to help soften the skin.
Each Frosty Towel ™ is individually wrapped for you safety and ease of use.
We are confident that you will you enjoy the fresh invigorating scent and cooling effects of the Polar Fresh Frosty Towel ™

How the Eco Friendly Polar Fresh Frosty Towel ™ Works:
First we start with a premium weight cotton towel. Cotton works best with all the ingredients we use and is a natural plant product as well as biodegradable.

We use a natural alcohol and natural menthol mixture. These are the basis of the cooling agents. Natural alcohol is also known around the world for killing germs and bacteria. They open the pores on your skin, and evaporate heat calories from your body.
We use tropical smelling Lemon Grass and Citronella known around the world as great natural insect deterrents.
We add other Citrus Fruit essential oil extracts to give the towels a more refreshing tropical scent. They are great cleaning agents, and alone with Glycerin in the towels they also soften the skin.

There are other ingredients that we use to help promote the blending of the above and the usefulness of the towels.
There is a natural preservative in the package that gives the towel a 2 year shelf life.
Finally, all you have to do is open the package and begin wiping down to feel the effects. It is not necessary for the Frosty Towel ™ to be chilled first. Once you have opened the package, wave it in the air and it is good to go. For the best and longest lasting results in extreme heat, wind or humidity, place the Frosty Towel ™ in a cooler, refrigerator, ice chest, or freezer for up to 30 minutes to 8 hours prior to use. Under normal conditions the Polar Fresh Frosty Towel ™ should last 4 to 8 hours. I keep mine wrapped around my cold drinks in the really hot days of the summer.