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Pilot Accessories

Our number one most popular product is Nano-Grip.  The Nano-Grip Sticky Pad holds virtually any item safe and secure and it contains no glue or magnets. The amazing stickiness of Nano-Grip is due to a unique formulation of polymer silicon, specially combined to create the Nano Vacuum technology.  Anything sticky will get dirty and lose its stickiness, just rinse with tap water and let air-dry and the Nao-Grip comes back like new.  Great for cell phones, GPS, garage door openers, golf carts, boats, airplanes, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, anywhere you need to secure an item.   How about securing your sunglasses, pens, keys, virtually anything.   Made in Denmark, you will not find Nano-Grip on Amazon or eBay. Nano-Grip is the real deal.

CoolTravelStuff is proud to be associated with MYGOFLIGHT products.  From the Sport Mount-Flex Suction articulating mount to the Rapid Charger Dual Micro 28V USB charger, the iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio, Flex Suction Pro and the Sport Phone Cradle.  MyGoFlight is high quality accessories for all your aviation needs.

Our trademarked Cheap Chocks is a must for any pilot or aircraft.  Brightly colored for excellent visual attention, lightweight and compact.  These cool chocks will fit your flight bag, glove box or in the seat back pocket for easy storage.  Made of pliable rubber, these chocks will not splinter, scrap, scratch or tear your expensive aircraft interior or most importantly, your skin.   For quick turns only, Cheap Chocks are perfect for quick turns or going for the $100 hamburger.  How many times have you landed and had to set your hot brakes due to lack of chocks on the ramp.  Not anymore. Get Cheap Chocks Now.

We introduced our trademarked Dip Wipes last year at Oshkosh 2015 to great success.  I got tired of the smell of oil in the airplane due to oily rags and paper towels.  Dip Wipes are perfect for checking the oil in your airplane. Our unique felt material soaks up the oil without leaving an oily smear on your hands, shirts or pants.  Each felt square can be used multiple times depending on the viscosity of the fluid.  We provide a zip lock to hold the used the felt square until it’s time to toss.  Each Dip Wipe package also comes with a Fast Funnel three pack.  Simply use and toss, no more hassles of cleaning the funnel, with an oily rag or paper towel.  Dip Wipe comes in a compact lightweight zip lock bag to secure the contents.  Easily fits into the glove box, back seat pocket or tool kit. Dip Wipe is the perfect addition to your traveling tool kit.  Motorcycles, RV’s, boats, airplanes, lawnmowers, ATV’s, cars, trucks; anywhere there is an engine, you need Dip Wipe.  Can also be used for transmission fluid and brake fluid.

The Fast Funnel disposable funnel is the only product of its kind. A product offering an evolutionary approach to the age-old task of pouring a substance from one point to another. Although the simple task of pouring through a funnel is usually taken for granted, the team at Fast Funnel observed several important needs missing in this common practice, the three C ‘s:

  • Convenience – finding a funnel where you need one…when you need one.
  • Contamination – once you find a funnel, chances are it’s not clean
  • Clean up – chemicals, rags or paper towels needed for proper cleaning.

Fast Funnel then engineered a product that would eliminate these overlooked needs. They designed a compact funnel, packaged a select number of funnels together, and made each funnel disposable thereby eliminating cleaning, chemicals and dirty rags. The result was the birth of Fast Funnel® disposable funnels.

Fast Funnel a folded, disposable, paper funnel.