Cheap AC


Combine the powerful Vinsic power bank, the ultimate sticky pad Nano-Grip and two cooling fans and what do you get?  Cheap Air Conditioning. Nothing feels better than having cool air moving over your face as you are number 4 in line to take off.  This combination of moving air is perfect for the small budget.  Place Nano-Grip on the dash, set the Vinsic on the Nano-Grip and insert the USB fans into the Vinsic  and instant airflow. Once obtaining cruise altitude the powerful Vinsic can charge your tablet, smart phone or any portable device for navigation.

  • Vinsic power bank runs one fan 18 hours and two fans 14 hours
  • Vinsic power bank has a 20,000mAh capacity
    • Powers your cooling fans
    • Charges iPhones, iPads, Smart phones
  • Use as one unit or each item in various uses


  1. Jim Chandler

    Love my Cheap AC, it really helps when waiting for takeoff.

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