Fire Escape Smoke Hood Fire Blanket Emergency Whistle Emergency Strobe Light


Fire Escape is the ideal emergency kit for home, office, apartments, condos, and COLLEGE Housing.

Included in the kit is the award winning Pocket Smoke Hood, Emergency Fire Blanket, Emergency Strobe Light and Emergency Whistle.

Recommended by Professional Firemen, the Fire Escape Kit is a must for protection from smoke and fire.

Be assured your loved ones are safe with Fire Escape.

FEMA Top Causes of College Fires:

  • Smoking is number 1
  • Alcohol
  • Intentional – Pranks
  • Cooking
  • Candles
  • Electrical
  • Portable Heaters



Pocket Smoke Hood

  • The key to Pocket Smoke Hood’s protective powers lies in its versatile design and cutting edge material first utilized by NASA to protect space shuttles.  A thin layer of high temperature resistant NASA-grade Dupont Kapton Polyamide film allows for clear vision and hearing while protecting the user’s face from heat and flames up to 932°F.
  • Toxic air then travels through a seven layer carbon micro-particle removable filtration bringing users enough breathable air to avert a lethal crisis for up to twenty minutes.
  • Use in Airplanes, Boats, RV’s, Cruise Ships, Home, Hotels, College Dorms, Off
  • One size fits all
  • Simple to use, easy to store
  • 5 year shelf life
  • UL tested in the USA for fire and tear resistance

Fire Blanket

  • Excellent Quality: Made from 100% quality flame retardant material. Composed of two layers of woven silica coated fiberglass fabric plus an inner layer of fire-retardant film for maximum fire protection. They meet EN-1869:1997 standard for cooking fire suppression. They can isolate high temperatures up to 1200℉ or 650℃
  • EASY TO USE: Simply pull down the fire blanket, spread the blanket wide and slowly throw the blanket to cover the fire. (make sure to let it sit there for few seconds) Let the blanket suffocate the fire. Turn off the stove or any heat source.
  • IDEAL RESCUE:  Blanket is nontoxic and safe to use on adult and children as well as your pets. Does not expire. Highly recommend keeping one nearby kitchen, fireplace, camping, office, grill etc.
  • In Case of Fire:  Simply pull down the fire blanket, spread the blanket wide and wrap the blanket around your body.

Strobe Light

  • Multiple functions
    • Flashing from left to right
    • All LEDS flashing – recommended for emergencies
    • All LEDS on


  • Blow the whistle loudly


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