Pocket Smoke Hood

Pocket Smoke Hood


Pocket Smoke Hood & Emergency Whistle

We’ve enhanced the Pocket Smoke Hood by including the TOP TEN ITEM included in every survival pack – The Emergency Whistle.

Pocket Smoke Hood achieved the Good Design Award and ranks as one of the world’s top three Industrial Design Awards in Asia.  Tested by the Industrial Research Institute in the Personal Protective Equipment category.

Emergency Whistle – The Emergency Whistle is the perfect compliment to the Pocket Smoke Hood in case of a disaster.  

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Product Description

The key to Pocket Smoke Hood’s protective powers lies in its versatile design and cutting edge material first utilized by NASA to protect space shuttles.  A thin layer of high temperature resistant polyamide film allows for clear vision and hearing while protecting the user’s face from heat and flames up to 932°F.

Toxic air then travels through a seven layer carbon micro-particle removable filtration bringing users enough breathable air to avert a lethal crisis for up to twenty minutes.


  • One size fits all:  Adults, Children, Infants and even Pets
  • Simple to use, easy to store
  • Fits in seat back pocket, glove box, brief case, purse, carry-on luggage
  • Use in Airplanes, Boats, RV’s, Cruise Ships, Home, Hotels, Elderly Care Facilities
  • Five year shelf life

How it Works

  • NASA Grade Polyamide film resists heat up to 932°F
  • Seven Layer carbon filter allows 20 minutes of breathable air
  • Allows 360 degree sight, talk and hearing capability

“Hopefully you’ll never have to use one, but if you do, you’ll know that you’ve got a NASA-grade protectant that meets UL’s high temperature resistance standard and has been given the ‘Good Mark Award’ from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.”

Emergency Whistle

  • Easy to Use and makes a loud clear sound
  • Light and Small – made of aluminum
  • Use as key chain, put in your pack back, keep in your smoke hood
  • Multi Use – Primarily for Emergencies and disaster preparedness, camping, hiking, training, boating, trail bike riding

4 Reasons to Always Have an Emergency Whistle

  1. Crime Prevention
  2. Disaster Survival
  3. Wilderness Survival
  4. Scare Animals

Whistle Code

  • One Whistle – Where Are you?
  • Two Whistles – Come to Me.
  • Three Whistles – I Need Help?

Organizations that use the Pocket Smoke Hood:

HKMASK is a worldwide distributor and retailer of the fire safety product PSM. With our Global Network, the PSM is employed as a precaution measure in countless industries all over the world. We would like to thank all of our clients for giving us an opportunity to protect their staff and their continued support for us. Below is a partial list of significant clients who choose the PSM to protect their staff and their customers.

  • Du Pont
  • AIG
  • Pfizer
  • Mitsubishi Group
  • Merck
  • Bayer AG
  • Evergreen International Hotels
  • The Hotel Royal Taipei

Following are statements made from the FAA and NTSB regarding previous Smoke & Fire events:

“…delaying the aircraft’s descent by only two minutes is likely to make the difference between a successful landing and evacuation, and a complete loss of the aircraft and its occupants.”

“The reason for the loss of control of the aircraft immediately prior to impact and therefore the most immediate cause of the accident, was the inability of the pilots to maintain adequate control because of the denseness of the smoke within the crew compartment.”

“…the dense smoke in the cockpit seriously impaired the flight crew’s vision and ability to function effectively during the emergency.”

“Flight crews must be protected from toxic fumes to safely fly and land their airplane. Protecting the crew primarily consists of oxygen masks and smoke goggles. Providing an independent oxygen source and protection for the eyes of the crew is essential. In the past smoke goggles have been found to be ill-fitting and therefore unable to provide a complete seal around the face of some wearers.”

“Flight crews are considered incapacitated if their vision is impaired to a point where they can no longer see primary instruments, checklist, or outside in the direction of flight. Flight crews are also considered incapacitated if they do not have sufficient breathable air to sustain operation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy the Pocket Smoke Hood over other smoke hoods?

Not only are we more reasonably priced than most of our competitors, within our price range we also offer the best heat resistance hood with a full range of 360° vision which allows effective speaking and listening ability.  Most importantly, the PSH’s compact size allows easy storage and transportation, providing day to day protection for you, your family and staff.

What is the demand for the Pocket Smoke Hood?    
Since 9/11, the demand for our PSH has increased dramatically.  

Is the Pocket Smoke Hood easy to use?    
The PSH is compatible with long hair, glasses and beards, and reduces some of the burdens traditionally associated with the use of respirators regarding the additional weight of the filter canisters or the need to bite onto a mouth piece.  Our one size fits all design is suitable for adults, children, infants and pets.

How was the Pocket Smoke Hood tested?     
The PSH is manufactured under strict specifications and intense certified examinations.  The PSH has also passed the quality standards tests of UL, ASTM and IRI.  The PSH achieved the Good Design Award and ranks as one of the world’s top three Industrial Design Awards in Asia.  Tested by the Industrial Research Institute in the Personal Equipment category.

Can I travel with the Pocket Smoke Hood?       

Two of the PSH’s main advantages is light weight and its portability.  It is easy to pack in hand bags, suit cases, brief cases, cost pockets, and seat back pockets.  It is invaluable to have on airliners, personal aircraft, cruise ships, RV’s, hotels, high rise apartments, and public buildings.

How efficient is the Pocket Smoke Hood?

The PSH is made of a high-tech material called Polyamide film resistant to fire and high heat up to 930°F with a 7 layer carbon filter.  The Polyamide film is used in various capacities by NASA USA.  The PSH is designed primarily as an escape tool to aid its user with 20 minutes of breathable air to safety without injury from inhalation of toxic smoke and fumes.  Oxygen takes time to deplete in any fire.  The ability of the PSH to filter toxic smoke is sufficient for people to escape from danger.