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Safety and Security

Safety and security should be on everyone’s mind when traveling.  Jim Chandler, founder and owner of CoolTravelStuff, started this company with one product, The Pocket Smoke Hood.

Ten years ago I discovered the Pocket Smoke Hood, and I never travel without one in my plane, suitcase or briefcase.  The PSH is with me in my home, hotels, high rise office buildings and always when flying with the airlines.  Compact and lightweight, the PSH is easy to travel with while giving you peace of mind should a smoke or fire event happen.  The award winning Pocket Smoke Hood is made of a seven layer carbon filter allowing 20 minutes of breathable air while the NASA high temperature resistance Polyamide Film protects you from heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.   One size fits all, including infants and pets.  The Pocket Smoke Hood allows full 360 degree sight, talk and hearing ability.

Our Kat Key looks like an ordinary plastic key chain.   Slip your fingers through the eyes and you now have a very effective self-defense weapon.  For self-defense use only.  This is not a toy.  This simple self-defense key chain is easy to use, a conversation piece and comes in several colors.  When walking by yourself, leaving the mall at night, getting out of your car or when you find yourself in strange circumstances always have the Kat Key with you.

Need a flashlight along with the secure feeling of protection?  We highly recommend the Jag. The JAG was designed for concealed self-defense. Upon first glance the JAG has a very smooth bezel, yet when used for self-defense the spring-loaded PROTEC Shield™ retracts, exposing the mean, tactical edge. The bezel is smooth to the touch and the concealed tactical edge only protracts upon impact.  Two levels of brightness along with a strobe light function to disorient your attacker.

A must have when using your credit and debit cards is RFID protection.  We have RFID sleeves, leather cases and compact aluminum cases for passports and credit cards.   We can’t stress the importance of your cards and passport protected.

Traveling in snow?  We have the Ice Grip-Snow Cleats.  Made in Denmark, and trust me, nobody knows how to get around in snow better than the Danes.  Traction is maintained by the IceGrip patented T-Trac spikes at the toes, and 4 spikes on the heel area.  No Slipping with a special anti-slip rubber pattern at the toes and on the heel.  Small and Practical the IceGrips folds up and fits practically in the pocket or the purse.  Easily slips over your footwear without the need for additional buckles or straps.  The IceGrips are a perfect fit for long haul truck drivers, UPS or FedEx drivers, pilots doing a walk around in snowy or icing conditions.  Next time you have to clean the drive way or sidewalk of snow grab your IceGrips.  And for all police and emergency crew working in snow and ice, think of IceGrips.

How about emergency preparedness? We have emergency blankets, solar lighting, the number one water filter LifeSTraw, flashing red emergency flashlights and the unique FireStash. This unbelievably small, waterproof key ring canister houses a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command. Attach to your key ring for essential outdoor use. Refill with standard lighter fuel.